About Us

CUE Vision

To set a new standard in connectivity, security and second screen experiences through the power of sound.

About Us

Launching in September 2017, CUE is the global leader in live event data-over-audio technology and one of the world’s fastest growing data-over-audio technology companies across all industries.

In fewer than 12 months, CUE enhanced live event experiences for more than 10 million fans for clients such as Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald’s, and NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA Division I athletic teams. And now, CUE is moving into – and revolutionizing – the retail, hospitality and broadcasting industries, directly connecting brands with their target audiences, streamlining ticketing and secured payment processing, and increasing consumer data collection.

CUE’s goal is simple: Help every industry realize the opportunities that exist with data-over–audio technology to attract and cultivate long-term consumer relationships and to generate additional revenue.

Our Goals

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Jameson Rader


Ira Akers

Co-Founder / VP of Sales

Blake Picquet

Co-Founder / Financial Officer

Alex Devilbiss

Software Engineer

Pi Tao

Technical Coordinator

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CUE Audio transmits data via ultrasonic audio signals to any sound-based device, allowing for customizable second-screen experiences and secure data transfers, without the need for Wi-Fi or a network connectivity.

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