CUE uses ultrasonic, inaudible sound to connect with your audience without having to rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular service – or any additional hardware. Using CUE’s ultrasonic communications platform, your video board or sound system can pair with and display content on every smartphone in venue.

In order for the phone to "hear" the ultrasonic trigger played through the sound system, CUE must access the microphone and use it to listen for the audio cues.

We use the camera flash and display to create a one of a kind light show. We can also use the speaker to emit synchronized audio through all phones.

The hardware provided on iOS and Android devices cannot change colors. That being said, we utilize the screen to change colors to light up the venue with various hues.

Yes! Fans can enjoy a complimentary images, colors, logos, and gifs and synchronized with a video or content of choice.

Yes! W have various ways to create a custom light show depending on your use case. A light show editor can easily configure the light show of any new or existing light show. CUE Lite allows users to create light shows using their lighting console.

Yes, you can use any song.

Times vary, but typical lead time on programming the light show is two (2) weeks.

Choose from over 150 preprogrammed tracks or use your own custom track.

Light shows can be as long as you like. However, we recommend under 3 minutes and our average light show is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Once the light show is triggered, it will complete the entire light show programmed in the client portal.

CUE Audio is safe for babies; it's also safe for animals. The frequencies are entirely natural; we simply apply a pattern to them, which the phone interprets as a message.

We operate in the 17.5-19.5 kHz. Almost all speakers support CUE software. Some high-quality speakers allow CUE to travel much farther than older speakers. Furthermore, periodically speakers may have roll-off at 16-19 kHz, but generally, we work fine on those speakers unless the distance is farther than 200 meters.

There is no DB minimum; a "trigger" is created when the signal frequencies exceed a certain multiple of the "empty" frequencies. CUE functions well even at extremely low DB levels or with large amounts of environmental noise (e.g., NASCAR).

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