Own the Second Screen

Connect your broadcast with the mobile devices of your fans and customers. Using CUE, your broadcast can send engaging prompts, links, and messages to nearby mobile devices from home televisions, laptops, and tablets at key moments during favorite shows, games, movies, and commercials.



CUE's data-over-ultrasonic-audio protocol enables on-screen content to communicate seamlessly with nearby devices in a manner completely imperceptible to the viewing experience.

Ultrasonic Push Notification

The UPN is a messaging framework for embedding text, hyperlinks, and location coordinates into sound. Any nearby iOS or Android device running CUE software will display the UPN.

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CUE Automatic Content Recognition

CUE Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) allows mobile devices to quickly recognize what is displayed on screen and react appropriately. Using CUE's data-over-audio core, CUE ACR detects what is on screen over 500% more quickly than traditional ACR solutions; moreover, CUE ACR is extremely resilient to noisy and crowded environments.

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CUEcast allows you to embed BLE packets directly into a streamed video, synchronizing viewers' smartphones and televisions. CUECast mobile client software runs in the background and no pairing is required.

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Custom ACR Response

Use CUE to develop your own custom ACR mobile response behavior. CUE frameworks contain everything needed to start creating a synchronized viewing experience between broadcast content and iOS/Android devices.

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Comparison Chart

A comparison of various Automatic Content Recognition solutions for mobile devices to engage with broadcast content. See why CUE is right for your second screen application.

  Traditional ACR CUE CUE ACR
Operates in the background on mobile
Resilient to noisy environments
No misdetections or misrecognitions
Requires no remote database access
Works on live television
Operates without mic access
Works at 100+ meters
Requires No WiFi/Cell Service
Time resolution < 1.0 seconds

Our Technology

CUE is used at over 800 live events annually. Operating routinely in the largest of stadiums and arenas with NFL, NCAA, and Fortune 500 partners, CUE has an intimate understanding of high-stakes environments in which, due to heavy load and saturation, network connectivity is prone to failure while coordination of mobile devices is in high demand.

CUE has implemented an infrastructure of ultrasound at venues around the world, synchronizing crowds of up to 120,000 and making our Live Event Product Suite possible. We've accomplished this with a success rate of 100%, all while only making use of existing speaker infrastructure -- no additional hardware required.

Tennessee Light Show

Own the Second Screen

Create a connection with your viewer that persists. Use CUE to synchronize mobile devices to your on-screen content.

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